COUCH Rebrand


PROJECT: COUCH, a local action group helping people affected by cancer, required a fresh look at their 10-year-old logo and brand as they entered a new era with the construction of a $3 million Wellness Centre.

SCOPE: A refreshed corporate identity, including a new logo, colour scheme, brand graphics, signage, print materials and style guide.

OUR WORK: Tropic Studio worked with COUCH to develop a refreshed stance on their existing brand, to modernise their look and appeal to a wider audience. The introduction of a bright colour scheme revitalised this brand as they entered a new phase and was rolled out through a variety of platforms.

This refreshed brand brings COUCH to a wider audience and into a new era of growth.


MORE: Visit COUCH's website at for more information on the fantastic work this group is doing in Cairns.