Bring customers to your brand with a special event.

Brand activation is an emerging concept in the world of marketing and advertising and it's one that our team at Tropic Studio is particularly skilled in.

We're experts in staging events to drive new sales and interactions with customers, both existing and new. 

We've seen the results with a range of our projects:

  • Taking our audience from the pages and screens of Tropic Magazine and to experience the amazing atmosphere of our food event Meet Eat Repeat
  • Working with our client Mihaven to create an entirely new style of open home for one of their deluxe homes by hosting a "house party" at the property where guests enjoyed drinks, bites, an art exhibition and networking
  • In partnership with Frame Espresso and Design, we staged a VIP function to launch an art exhibition by renowned painter Donald James Waters, exposing potential new customers to Frame's cafe and retail offering

Our unique offering.

Tropic Studio is uniquely placed to deliver effective, engaging events and brand activation in Cairns and beyond.

Working across the fields of graphic design, email marketing, advertising, social media, and event management, our team can create events of all shapes and sizes for a range of customer demographics.