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What we did

Branding, Creative, Graphic Design, Illustration, Copywriting, Production

The brief

St John's Community Care is a not-for-profit community care organisation with more than 400 staff working in nine locations across Queensland.

With an extensive head office redevelopment and new service delivery model, Tropic Studio was engaged by our client to assess how their current brand represented recent organisational changes and a rapidly evolving industry landscape. 

Our team started the process with an extensive brand survey of the Board, staff and stakeholders that found the original SJCC logo had served the organisation well, but didn’t convey the client’s new service model or industry. 

Tropic Studio created a new organisation brand and colour scheme for roll out across all platforms including print, digital and environmental. 

How we refreshed the brand

Tropic Studio designed a brand audit survey that was circulated to stakeholders of SJCC including employees and Board members. It was these survey results and extensive market and sector research that formulated a new direction for the SJCC brand and corporate identity. 

Two key factors established by the survey: 
• The colour blue is integral to the SJCC identity - particularly the blue most associated with Greek culture
• The bell tower of the church is iconic and speaks to the organisations heritage.

Survey screenshots
Design development sketches

The Logo

The new logo embraces the iconic shape of the parish bell tower, paying homage to SJCC’s past while affirming the beliefs and faith of the organisation. The typography is clean and fresh, looking to the future but with a historical Greek reference in the modern take on Omega being the “o” in St John’s. The pop of colour is the rising sun, lighting the bell tower and shining light on the organisation. 

St Johns Community Care Church and Logo

When viewing the elements of the new logo together, a heart shape becomes obvious, indicating the care and love of SJCC for the community. The heart becomes visible across much of the client’s collateral, letting a wider audience know that SJCC at its essence is a care organisation.

St John's Community Care Uniforms

Brand usage and collateral

Collateral involved with the rebrand included new signage for buildings and vehicles, marketing and advertising, websites, stationary and uniforms.

St John's Community Care Signage
St John's Annual report
St John's Annual Report
St John's Annual Report
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St John's Community Care signage
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