Beautiful, clean lines. Striking and bold. A melding of modern and classic style.

These are the over-arching principles guiding the Tropic Studio team on graphic design projects.

We're constantly monitoring global design trends and researching the work of the world's top design agencies. While we're inspired and motivated by the work of great graphic designers, logo makers and brand builders from New York to Tokyo and everywhere in between, we bring our own Tropic iteration to everything we do.

We believe graphic design is the process of creating art with purpose.

The most effective graphic design combines visual communication and problem-solving through typography, illustration and photography.

When applied in a corporate sense it includes logos and branding, editorial design, advertising, websites, packaging and signage. Tropic Studio has team of graphic designers gifted in manipulating symbols, images and text to best communicate your ideas and intent. We apply passion and skill to achieve your design outcomes and to communicate your unique messages.

Let us know if we can help create your new look or deliver your next bespoke project.