5 ways to beat the Facebook Business Page apocalypse

By now, every business who uses a Facebook Page for marketing should know the organic reach apocalypse has arrived.

Businesses had it so good for so long with a free ride on the Facebook gravy train. You could push and promote your latest offers, new stock or world-class local services to loyal followers and they would actually see it high up in their news feeds. You might have a few dollars on some posts here and there, but for the most part got by with organic reach and some likes and shares from your fans.

But Zuckerberg's zombie army has been mobilised and armed with pay-to-play bazookas to blast businesses out of news feeds and force them to cough up bottomless buckets of cash to get back in.

There's plenty of background here, here and here about what it all means.

Instead of rehashing old (bad) news, here at Tropic Studio we've mapped out the key points to help you move forward and stay on top of your marketing game.

  1. Educate, inform, bring value: Each time you start a Facebook post for your page, run through these three mantras - does it educate, inform or bring value to the user/consumer? Tick one or more of those boxes, and you've got a better chance of engaging them and beating Facebook's nasty anti-organic reach algorithms.
  2. Spread your marketing and advertising mix: if you're in business, you know that relying on a single supplier or one big whale of a client is risky. Same goes for your reliance on Facebook. Think of ways to fan out and utilise other marketing and advertising platforms and channels. Talk to us if you need some advice or guidance. 
  3. Upskill yourself or a staff member: Marketing is an investment in growth, so it's worth doing right. Don't think of it as an after-thought. Either set aside some time over a set period to get educated or find a suitable staff member and give them the responsibility to manage your social media, but remember to provide the resources and training they need to succeed.
  4. It's all about the story: If we had a dollar for every time a business has asked the Tropic Studio "how do you make content go viral?" we'd be as rich as Mark Zuckberg. Well, not quite. But it's something every Facebook user wants to know. The short answer is: you never can tell. There isn't really a magic formula or silver social media bullet. What we do know is this: telling a story is the only way to potentially go viral. We repeat: story-telling above all else is key, even for those posts you're boosting and spending money on. This article is a good starting point for more about story-telling on social media. We're BIG on story-telling at Tropic Studio, so talk to us if you need help on this front.
  5. Engage a pro: You can work with our team to supercharge your social media, or talk to any number of social media consultants. No matter who you use to manage your Facebook page, our big tip is to find someone local who you can actually meet and develop a relationship with. There are plenty of social media shonksters out there so be careful.

Someone clever once said: "When life closes a door, it opens a window. And then, zombies climb in and eat you."

Don't let the Facebook zombie army eat your business.

We hope the above tips help. Don't forget you can get in touch with us for advice or assistance on social media management at any time.