About us

We are a full-service brand and digital agency with creative depth and in-house expertise across all platforms. We began with the inception of Tropic magazine in 2016, and have grown to be a unique bunch of multidisciplinary creatives.

Renee Cluff and Leah Horstmann
Tropic Studio team

Our crew comes from different places, bringing with them broad views and ideas that join forces on a shared creative vision at Tropic Studio. 

Tropic Studio logo

We aim high at Tropic Studio. Always focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations, we deliver work of national quality and esteem.





All of the above.


The first step on every project is simple, and it’s always the same: we get to know the DNA of our clients’ business before we do anything else. This insight and understanding of our client’s business objectives lets us know where they’re coming from and where they want to go. 

Regardless of their size, shape or sector, we seamlessly merge the past, present and future to deliver results according to their unique needs and desired outcomes. This approach underpins the long-term relationships we develop with many of our clients.

Tropic Magazines in shelf
Tropic Studio coffee culture


As a team, it’s fair to say we’re a bit obsessed with a few things. We’re on a constant search for the finest design aesthetics coming out of our favourite design studios, artists, and social media feeds from across the globe. 

Building on ones experience is key for us as we’re also fascinated by why something works and how it makes people feel, and so user experience research and development greatly impacts the work we do.

Our Team

Leah Horstmann Tropic Studio team member CK Mette Husted Sasha Rozhkova
Leah Horstmann
Tropic Studio team member CK
Mette Husted
Sasha Rozhkova
Leah Horstmann
Leah Horstmann

Managing Director


Swimming across Lake Eacham, the thrill of second hand clothes shopping, Converse trainers, red wine varietals, Middle Eastern food and coming home with a full library bag.


Leah grew up in Townsville wanting to play basketball for Australia. She came close, attending the AIS and playing in the WNBL, but the universe (and a knee injury), had other ideas. Roles in management, human resources, marketing and administration across finance, law, health and media sectors in Brisbane, Sydney, London and Cairns. Leah’s creative flair and keen eye keeps the studio humming, meaning your creative projects will be well managed from starting point to project completion.

Tropic Studio team member CK

Tropic Studio digital director


Farming fruit trees in the rainforest, hanging out with his two dogs, tinkering with electronics, cups of tea. 


He's been involved in information technology since the infancy of the internet over 25 years ago in both his native Germany and Australia and developed successful websites for organisations large and small. As a developer and coder with a focus on mobile-first technology, CK is an explorer of new technologies, features and functions. As the Tropic Studio website design ninja, CK can build anything you can dream up, so dream big!

Mette Husted
Mette Husted

Graphic Designer


A cheeseburger with extra pickles, the feeling after a long jog, every post on the Mini Fox Terriers’ FB group, staying in touch with friends and family, making paper collages.


Meta, mate, Matt… this gal’s takeaway coffee cup has seen it all! Like her name Mette is Danish but has lived and worked under the Australian sun since 2019. As a graphic designer at Tropic Studio she hopes to bring strong ideas to each design project and make it pop! 

Sasha Rozhkova
Sasha Rozhkova

Media Producer


Op shopping and vintage finds. Making cocktails and partaking in cheese and wine tastings. Travelling and seeing the sights, taking photos, and getting out in the sunshine.


Sasha has come from a science background in botany and ecology, and has researched all things wine both professionally and recreationally.

She's made the transition to media and communication having discovered a passion and need for promoting information palatability. 

What we stand for

Our work with corporate clients allows us to throw our support behind community causes and charities. 

Tropic Studio is a proud sponsor of COUCH, a local cancer care charity focused on delivering services for patients who would otherwise have to travel hundreds of kilometres away for treatment.

We donate design hours to COUCH, having begun with a major refresh and modernisation of their look for the organisation’s 10-year-old logo and brand.

Our team went on to implement the new brand across a range of collateral, see more.

Couch Cairns office with two staff members
meet. eat. repeat food festival

Another key component of our studio philosophy is delivered through the pages of our deluxe print magazine Tropic and online news site Tropic Now.

We’re big on positivity and sharing happiness, so we take the time to promote all the good things about life in our home base of Cairns and Tropical North Queensland.