Cairns Bank

Established in 1899, Cairns Bank holds a history of dedication to its local community. Tropic Studio was approached to revitalise Cairns Bank’s identity, to build a brand better aligned to their business strategy of putting long-term thinking and Cairns locals first.

bank card design

It’s easy to go with one of the ‘big four’ when it comes to banking, but Cairns Bank has a refreshingly different approach, providing unique financial solutions to its members.

Formerly Cairns Penny Bank, the local provider has a significant history in the region. 

Cairns Penny old logo Cairns Bank new logo and rebrand

A year on following a rebrand, Cairns Bank has increased brand awareness and subsequently their lending figures to record highs (2020/21). 

Cairns Bank website design and development by Tropic Studio
Cairns Bank new logo client cards


Our extensive research found a change of name and brand was needed to more closely identify with the bank's services and to stay relevant to a younger generation, so in 2019 Cairns Bank was born.

We developed a logo representing the local region, with a nod to the previous logo that had served Cairns Penny for 33 years. It is modern, fun and friendly without losing the all-important professional and trustworthy-ness people need from a financial institution.

Although the branding and messaging has been updated to reach the next generation of customers, Cairns Bank's values and dedication to their members remains the same.

Cairns Bank new logo business cards


Following the logo redesign, we worked with Cairns Bank to implement the new brand across the business, from stationery and branch signage to their website and social media advertising.

As the feather in our cap, Tropic Studio designed a new VISA debit card which is different to most other cards, because Cairns Bank is different to other banks.

A vertical design, slim style and smooth feel was chosen to compliment the new way we use our cards.