Clay Designs Cairns

Local artist and ceramicist Karen Charlebois approached Tropic Studio to develop an identity for her studio and pieces at Clay Designs Cairns.

Logo Design
Style Guide

We worked with local artist and sculptor Karen Charlebois to bring you Clay Designs Cairns. The project involved a studio photoshoot, logo design, and website creation, with more to come.

Clay Designs Cairns Business Card
Clay Designs Cairns Logo
Clay Designs Cairns Karne Charle Bois pottery making portrait

The logo and color scheme developed organically in close collaboration with Karen, who was heavily involved in the creative process to ensure that the final result accurately reflected her and her pieces.

The versatile logo was created to be a multifunctional device with various graphic and interactive applications.

Clay Designs Cairns Website Homepage
Clay Designs Cairns Pottery
Clay Designs Cairns Pottery

For the website development, we gathered and created content featuring Karen's work and the various applications of her pieces.

This included a photoshoot of her studio and her in action, the collection and editing of previous images, and copy editing.

Our goal was to create a visually appealing and informative website that effectively showcases Karen's talent and the uniqueness of her creations.

Clay Designs Cairns Cup
Clay Designs Cairns Bowl