Sunshine Mangoes

We worked closely with the Castorina family to deliver a brand new identity inspired by the blush of their mangoes.

Logo Design

Lovingly grown under the Queensland sun and picked with perfectly blushed sun-kissed cheeks, Sunshine Mangoes make every bite a moment to cherish. Kayla and Paul Castorina are third-generation mango farmers from one of the main mango production regions in Queensland, and the new custodians of the family business. We helped them take the family business forward by developing a dynamic and fresh visual identity that works across digital media and packaging.

Sunshine Mangoes Business Cards displayed on tropical leaf
Shirt embroidery design of Sunshine Mangoes monogram
Sunlight hitting Australian mango tree full of ripe, blushing R2E2 mangoes

Drawing inspiration from Queensland’s produce markets, the design features a Grotesque Sans Serif typeface. The quenching drops also add a playful touch of flavour, while the magenta colour sets the tray apart from other growers, brightening up the fruit aisle and complimenting The Perfect Blush.

Sunshine Mangoes business stationary including business card, letterhead and postcard
Woman holding a mango with a Sunshine Mangoes' fruit sticker
Image of campaign poster with the messaging 'Taste the sun-kissed moments'.

By creating a distinctive brand, Paul and Kayla can now tell the story of the product’s origin, the family farm, their commitment to quality Australian-grown produce and sustainable regional communities. 

Overview of Sunshine Mangoes' 9 page style guide

During the discovery phase, we explored mango trays and trends from the past that have influenced the industry as we know it today.

Image credit: Cartonographer