White Whale Coffee Roasters

Iconic White Whale Coffee Roasters approached Tropic Studio for a rebrand better suited of their values and geography, bringing with them a stellar name in need of visual representation.


We really love coffee here at Tropic Studio. So it's hard to imagine a better project for our team than working on the new branding for White Whale Coffee Roasters.

We developed an identity to suit their cause and vision for the future, ensuring industry longevity and recognition. A range of marketing materials were created to further showcase their presence in our community, sharing their message and passion for coffee and conservation alike.

White Whale Coffee Roasters takeaway cups designed by Tropic Studio
White Whale Coffee Roasters signage designed by Tropic Studio
White Whale Coffee Roasters car wrap designed by Tropic Studio

Formerly Industry One Coffee Roasters, the new-look White Whale Coffee Roasters branding reflects the team's values of "coffee that does good".

As true pioneers in the Cairns coffee scene with a vision to reach a larger coffee loving audience, the team wanted a fresh, vibrant, instantly recognisable brand to reflect these values.

We were tasked with translating those values into a beautiful new brand, utilising our unique blend of bold graphic design, global research to discover leading industry brands and, of course, our appreciation for caffeine.

White Whale Coffee Roasters packaging and labels coffee beans
White Whale Coffee Roasters packaging and labels coffee beans
White Whale Coffee Roasters icon design by Tropic Studio

To highlight White Whale Coffee Roasters' commitment to the environment, we incorporated a stylised image of a whale into the logo with a sublimely sea-worthy colour scheme.

Following the logo redesign, we worked with White Whale to implement the new brand across the business, from cups and coffee bean bags to the large-scale signage on its roastery and café.

Finally, we created a new White Whale Coffee Roasters website to showcase the bold new brand.

White Whale Coffee Roasters packaging and barrista

"I brought it into a design agency in Cairns to do the rebrand, and they nailed it the first time. That was another thing - realising that working with people locally is something that’s really important to us"

Ali Slotemaker, co-founder of White Whale Coffee Roasters 

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