Palm Tree Recycling

Following growing enthusiasm across North Queensland, Palm Tree Recycling engaged Tropic Studio for a brand refresh to better unify their identity and develop community recognition.

Logo Design
Graphic Design

We began the rebrand with a logo redesign to better signify the ease in which people can engage with the company.

The new logomark embraces a greener more minimalistic look, simultaneously showcasing Palm Tree Recycling's simplisticity and accessibility, and the ease in which the community can participate.

The icon is also an homage to the company name and function, accompanied by smooth and clean typography.

We then followed up with the design and determination of signage, icons, and infographics, to further diversify their identity.

With the clean approach and minimal colour palette that we had developed, we ensured ease of use across various platforms and mediums.

Cairns Recycling website pages mockup
Cairns Recycling card design


We continue to work with Palm Tree Recycling, now known as Cairns Recycling, creating collateral in support of the initial and ongoing rebrand including new signage, marketing and advertising, apparel, and stationary.

Cairns Recycling Yeti giveaway campaign tickets

Cairns Recycling's latest campaign included a Yeti giveaway, for which we created a range of marketing materials.

The campaign was advertised across a range of platforms including radio, and required a variety of print and digital assest.

We created a range of videos to be shared across social platforms, as well as bus signage, coreflutes, and additional on site collateral.

Palm tree recycling signage and collateral
Palm Tree Recycling external signage and stickers