Rocky Creek Orchards

Producing fresh fruit from the sunny side for 85 years, Rocky Creek Orchards reached out to Tropic Studio for a brand refresh to better showcase and market their fruitful and flourishing family enterprise.


Rocky Creek Orchards was started by Lorenzo Masasso after emigrating from Italy in the 1920's.

Lorenzo believed that diversity in farming would always provide food for his family. The Masasso family have continued with this mantra and built a flourishing enterprise.

We worked with the Massaso family to deliver a brand refresh inspired by their rich heritage and origin, ensuring to celebrate the great taste and quality of their produce.

Rocky Creek Orchards website design and development
Rocky Creek Orchards animation suite
Rocky Creek Orchards Employees Sorting Lychees


A full brand identity rehaul was inspired by the produce itself, with colours assigned to each, creating distinct visual identities for their passionfruit, lychee, avocado, and mango.

Utilising a vibrant colour palette, we created and an all-round typeface with a bright bursting logo mark to develop a dynamic set of branding elements.

This was followed by a fun animated suite representative of the fruity and sunny side of life, adding a little frivolity and personality to the new brand.


Rocky Creek Orchards Social Media Content
Rocky Creek Orchards Lychee Bush with Sunrays

Following a rebrand, website development was supported by SEO and analytical monitoring setup, with ongoing updates to maximise exposure.

Rocky Creek Orchards website tablet design
Rocky Creek Orchards website design mobile view
Rocky Creek Orchards website mango mobile view
Rocky Creek Orchards website design mobile view